For many years, my sculptural work has been inspired by the architecture of the ancient hilltowns of Italy with their multiple towers, fortress-like walls, soaring arches, and twisting staircases. The pieces are meant to evoke the feeling of these towns, their glorious exterior beauty contrasted with what I imagined (and which history acknowledges) were cold, dark interiors for those who inhabited them.



Latest Hilltowns

These are the latest Hilltown sculptures. In many of them, I have explored the nature of staircases and archways with an emphasis on the surreal and mysterious by alternating two and three dimensions.

Rene Murray - Ceramics: Horses



Stage Sets

These are wall sculptures that combine elements from my clay paintings and my three-dimensional hilltown sculptures. They are like stage sets that are meant to be seen only from the front.  They were designed to be installed with their backs to the wall while sitting on a shelf or ledge.